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July 17, 2019
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We all love friends, don’t we? I know you may not want to admit this but deep down you know it’s true. So lemme ask you something…how many friends do you have right now? How many of the so-called friends can you depend on when in a tight spot? Few, right? I can almost hear you say, “I can even count my real friends with my left hand only.”

Allow me to ask you another question. How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many people follow you on Instagram and Twitter? Or maybe I should leave Twitter out of this.

The truth is, we don’t have much time, or so we tell ourselves. Spending time on building real friendships seems to be quite a sacrifice that most of us don’t feel like making. As a result, we have so many ‘friends’ who laugh at our memes and like our photos online. However, we hardly have friends who really know us. What does it take to build real friendships in a world where everything we need is instant?


Deep things require sacrifice. Real friendships require sacrifice of time. This is because real friendships require to be cultivated.

The truth is, not everyone deserves your time. But time is the best gift you can give to anyone you care about. If you have their contact, call or text them every now and then. Make plans to meet up and just have fun often. Spending time together whether physically or virtually is a good way to create a strong bond.

Quality, not quantity

Make sure that any time you spend with your friend(s) is quite memorable. You don’t have to go out of your way to make this happen. Simple things such as honest conversations and a good laugh can leave both of you quite happy and satisfied with the time spent together.

Being helpful

A friend close by is better than a brother miles away in times of crisis, right? It is very important to have friends who you can count on and vice versa. Do not be wary of helping a friend out in time of need. Be a listening ear when a friend needs it. Offer encouragement when needed. Be silly if it makes a friend laugh even if they’re hurting.

Who is a good friend? the one who doesn’t mind making himself look silly if it causes you to smile


We have so many people around us who we can laugh at memes together. However, when in need, how many of these friends can we trust with our personal issues? No real friendship can stand without trust.


There are times you need, then there are times you just need someone who will listen to you as you pour your heart out. There’s nothing that gives someone confidence than knowing there’s someone who will always listen to you. Learn to offer a listening ear.

Praying for and with each other

Putting someone in your prayers is the purest form of love. You do not have to wait for disaster to strike for you to pray for a friend. Learn to cover your friends in prayer.

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