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June 17, 2019
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There’s this tiny place that I love. It’s tiny in a cute way. It’s not too small that I can hardly fit, neither is it too big that I feel lost in it. It’s just what I need for this specific time in my life.

I love this place, for many reasons, but I will just share one reason why I love it.

I encounter people every day whenever I step out of the house. From neighbors, random people in the streets, classmates, church mates, to friends and family. Some of these encounters are normal, some exciting, and yet for others I hardly notice them. Some are fun, others not so much. By the time the evening comes, I just want to go to my place and relax.

I see this place as my safe haven. When I close the door behind me, I leave everything that may have pleased me or angered me out and just aaaah-relax. Very few people know that place, which means that when I sit down, I do not start memorizing drama that has taken place in that room. I do not recall an ex-boyfriend sitting across me, telling me how I am not what he wanted.  Neither do I remember with tears in my eyes, a girlfriend of mine sitting next to me lying to my face of how much she cares, even though all she wants is the gossip to take to her girls.

What comes to my mind when they talk of positive vibes only is this place. It is a place I do not allow any kind of negativity. It is my safe place. I know that most people can relate to this. We all have our safe places, it can be a physical place, something, or even somebody.

As much as I love my place, I know that it is very limited. It is not able to offer me protection at all times. But I know of a safe haven that is completely and entirely safe. Stay with me.

Deutronomy 33: 27

The eternal God is a dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms; and He drove out the enemy from before you, and said, ‘Destroy!’

Imagine living in a big mansion with everything you need, from swimming pool, library, prayer room, TV room, art room, add your fantasy. You want to go to the gym the first thing in the morning? You just need to press this cool gadget that takes you to the gym room. Now imagine that this room not only contains everything you need, but it also protects you from enemies. Imagine that this house is fire proof, bomb proof. It doesn’t matter how many enemies are against you, or how powerful they are, they cannot get you while you’re in this house.

safest house in the world

I don’t know if such houses exist in real life already. If you have seen one kindly let me know. However, I know for certain that such a place exists. A safe haven.

God says that He is our dwelling place. He’s everything you will ever need in this life. He’s like that big impenetrable mansion with everything you need, only that is far much grander, much better in all ways. Your life is better when hidden in Him. You flourish at all times, and that with a supernatural speed. Just like a tree planted in river banks.

I love King David. If there’s someone who understood the concept of safe haven, it is this guy. King David knew that if God didn’t protect him, then he was doomed. He did not trust in his expertise even though he was a giant slayer and one of the best warriors Israel ever had. Neither did he trust in his army even though he had reasons to. David knew his strength came from God. He knew God to be his refuge. And any time David trusted in God, any time he dwelt in Him, then he won. Enemies pursued him, every time with increased vigor. But they never overpowered him. Some battles he won even without lifting a finger. In times of sorrow, he found joy in the Lord. In times of plenty, his satisfaction came from God.

There are many things in this world that can give you comfort. There are many places you can seek protection. There may be many happy places you can go to get away from the craziness of life. But the problem is, all these provides you with respite only for a short while.

God is the best dwelling place any man can ever get. So learn to seek protection from Him, His arms will never let you fall. Learn to seek courage and confidence to do life from Him. He says He watches over the path of the righteous. Learn to make him the first person you run to with your ideas, your troubles, and even your good news. Because he’s loyal than any friend you got out there. As a Father that He is, His desire is to see you prosper.

The invitation has been sent, will you accept it?


  1. CEO says:

    Awesome read Tabby

  2. John says:

    This is really I interesting and teaching.But until one has seen God as his refuge,protector,guider,peace etc,one cannot make Him all of that.

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