What I have learned through my Dad

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May 21, 2019
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What I have learned through my Dad

Today happens to be father’s day. Before I continue with my tale, allow me to first of all appreciate all fathers and fathers-to-be here, whether biological or spiritual. You guys are amazing. I hope that today and all days you feel loved by those around you. And even if nobody told you, lemme assure you that wewe ni wa maana.

So back to my story. I appreciate my father big time. He’s one person I know who loves me for real. I always anticipate many things when I go home. From good food, that kafeeling you get when you go home (like everything is just okay), and good conversations. But more importantly, I always anticipate my father’s smile. It doesn’t matter what am going through, that smile just gives me joy.

I know my dad loves me, I know he’s proud of me, and I know I can never sleep hungry as long as he’s there.

Having experienced an earthly father’s love made it easy for me to accept God as my father. Allow me to share briefly what I’ve learned about my heavenly Father through my dad.

Unconditional love

Assuming a worst case scenario where everyone turns against me, I know I would still have my father’s love. He’s one person I am confident that he loves me. I don’t even have to get good grades, or be a good girl (that obviously helps me easily accept his love). But even without doing anything, I know he loves me. I have earned his love. How, you ask? By the mere fact that I am his daughter.

Accepting God’s love is easy when you get to understand that there’s nothing you can do to earn it, or have it taken from you.


I’ve always had this crazy faith in my father. If I need something, I always believe that my father cannot fail to provide it for me. Note I said, if I need something, not want something. Of course I may want to own a yacht right now but my dad may not provide that for me. But whatever I need, I believe in his capabilities to provide.

God says He is our provider… there’s nothing you need that you can’t get from Him.

You want money? Silver and gold belongs to Him.

You want a business idea? He’s not just full of wisdom, able to guide you…He is wisdom

You want to do arts? He is THE Creator, He’s super creative.

He is Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides.


There’s this particular time I wanted to do something. I knew it was good. But my father with all his wisdom knew it was the worst mistake I could make. He didn’t allow me to. Even though I wasn’t very happy back then, and neither did I understand his reasoning, right now I am super grateful that he stopped me from making such a dreadful mistake.

Your father wouldn’t watch you making mistakes that can ruin your life and do nothing, right? I’ve seen my dad protect me from people who want to harm me, en sometimes even from myself.

God says He’s our protector. My dad may protect me, but his protection is limited.

What about my Father in heaven? His protection is unlimited. He says that he has surrounded us, as with fire. Zechariah 2.5ESV and I will be to her a wall of fire all around, declares the LORD. And I will be the glory in her midst.  Nothing and no one can harm us. If someone wants to get to you, they have to go through Him first. We all know that God is all powerful, right? I’ll say no more about this.


My father is never ashamed of me. I am his pride. He doesn’t mind introducing me to his friends as his daughter.

This made me realize one thing about my heavenly Father. He is proud of me. He calls me His son. When He looks at me, He doesn’t see my past, or my shame. He doesn’t call me by my past mistakes. He calls me by my name. There’s a confidence and courage that comes with knowing that someone is proud of you. Knowing that even though God knows your flaws, He doesn’t call you by them. He isn’t ashamed to call you a son.


We always honor our mothers for the sacrifice of giving birth to us and bringing us up. That is quite in order. I honor my mom, I love her. She has sacrificed a lot for me and I know for sure that I can never repay her for all she has done. But please hear me here, it is also very important to honor our fathers for their sacrifices. If you still have your father with you, and if he’s not just alive but also present in your life, take time to appreciate him, honor him even as you honor your mom. (That’s just a by the way)

My father has sacrificed a lot to see me and my brothers become who we are today. He has sacrificed himself to just ensure that we have something to eat, clothes, a place to stay, and even to ensure that we study.

John 3.16 KJV For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

God loves us so much that he couldn’t afford to see us lost. So he sent his only son to become man that we might be restored back to him. That is a sacrifice that I cannot even begin to comprehend. I cannot even begin to understand the kind of love that made him sacrifice his own son for our sake.

My dad has taught me a lot about God. Most of the time not in words but in actions. I wanted to share this with you so that I can just remind you that you have an amazing, supernatural father who cares for you. The good thing about His love is that it is unconditional, and more than enough for you and me, and that other person.

For those who have not experienced daddy’s love, I pray that God’s love may fill that gap in your life. For those who have experienced it, but are yet to know God as a father, I pray that you may get this revelation and you may enjoy being fathered by Him. For you who already knows and has experienced God as a father, I pray that you may just know Him even more.



  1. Elizabeth Mukami says:

    Amazing truths…. I love the way God fathers me🤗

  2. Njeri Mwangi says:

    Amazing read dear👏

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